“"Everything is okay in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end." -Unknown

Saturday, 19 April 2014

it's been a while.....

hi! so we meet again :) hm theres nothing much to brag about but yeah so many things happened for the last few months. fyi, i was so busy preparing for the next sem. and now...... i'm enjoying my sem break which is only for two weeks. haih kkaebsong ~

so far, for the first week of my sem break, i have watched in total of THREE kdramas and about SIX to SEVEN of variety shows (and yes including my favourite show, running man hehe) too many shows i've been abandoned & too many new shows too nah i dont know how to handle-

april being such my favourite month since i was born on this month, along with sehun, luhan, my little dongsaeng & oh ya my new friends too, sofia zuhairin (a.k.a my favourite co-fangirl hehehe) well, i'm already 19 and i dont like it. my teen age is going to be ended in the end of this year OH NO!! 

SO........ HI OVERDOSE ERA *waving hand*

MAMA era ends, WOLF era ends. so we are here waiting for your comeback.
Let's get overdose! 

p/s - its luhan's day today. saengil chukkha hamnida oppa! stay healthy & cute as you are right now!

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